Saturday, January 9, 2016

Natasha & Brandon

Easiest way to make sure your spouse never forgets your anniversary: get married on a major holiday.    My BFF's niece invited us to her New Year's Eve wedding in Santa Fe.  Tasha had lived in DC near us for 3 years while she went to AU Law.  Acting as her surrogate family on the east coast, we did our best to look out for her and often had her and her friends over for a meal - apparently quite often, as I lost track of the number of random people coming up to us at the reception saying they had been to our house for dinner or a party.

As this was our second wedding in 3 months, we should have been set for attire, but Joseph had actually already outgrown the blazer and shoes from Nadeen's wedding in September!

Having woken up at 5am because he was still on eastern time, someone needed a little disco nap if he had any chance of making it until midnight.  While Joseph and Brent rested up, I took the opportunity walk around some galleries and shops with Lance - who never seems to include more than half his face in any given selfie.

The wedding was officiated by Lance's husband, Rodney, who got ordained for the occasion (and is now available for hire should you need someone).  The ceremony was lovely, and my only complaint is that it was difficult to ignore the horse that repeatedly tried to take over center stage.

I don't think anyone had a better time at the reception that Joseph, who monopolized the dance floor along with Wyatt, Lance & Rodney's youngest kid.  I know you want to see videos but I'm going to spare Joseph the embarrassment for now and wait for a more opportune time.  (BTW, Lance's brother Chuck made the B&N lights!)

Midnight did eventually roll around.
3...2...1...Happy New Year!

The night ended with a sparkly send off for the happy couple.

Congratulations Tasha and Brandon!  

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