Saturday, December 31, 2016

Press on

I baked so very little this holiday season :(  For sure I was always busy cooking and baking for various parties and functions, but I had virtually no time to devote toward making the annual cookie gift boxes that our friends, neighbors and coworkers have come to love and expect.  There's always next year (?).

I did crank out a few batches of my chewy ginger cookies as well as 1 batch of cake pops.  When I found the time to squeeze in just one more thing at the last minute, I knew I had to make something out of this cookie Advent calendar that sweet 8 year old Benjamin bought for me when he was out shopping with his mom, Maia.  I had recently come across a box with my mom's old (and I mean old) cookie press (complete with instructions and recipes my mom had used!) so I chose the recipe for Spritz cookies.  It took a few tries to get the hang of it, but the cookie press still works perfectly and they turned out alright!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Holiday Wrap

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone.  This holiday season flew by so fast!  The only one around here who really had chance to relax was our elf, Johnny Duddle.

We were beyond thrilled to have my parents join us for the holiday, who left their own home for Christmas for the first time ever.  We were all invited to our friend Maia's parents' house for dinner on Christmas Eve, and in return we hosted the same group at our place on Christmas Day.

Grammy and Grandpa got to see our usual Christmas Eve routine - mass, saying farewell to Johnny Duddle, leaving cookies for Santa, checking Santa's whereabouts on NORAD, and reading The Night Before Christmas (although Joseph opted for the Cajun version this year!).

We're happy to say a certain little someone still believes!

JT was so excited Christmas morning, he was practically skipping around waiting for us to open presents.  Among the loot were Skylanders, Harry Potter Clue and t-shirts, several Nerf guns, and some crafty items.  Grammy and Grandpa gave him his very 1st iPod, and Mimi and Poppy gave him an iPod docking station for his room.  It's been nonstop dance parties since!  Since our guy is a bibliophile, Santa gifted him a Kindle.

Mimi and Poppy were warm and cozy at home in Louisiana, but we still got to share Christmas morning with them by FaceTime.

Merry Christmas from the Alton Boys!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Cherish Everything

Minted for the win with this year's holiday card!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Serious/Silly with Santa

Exterior Decorating

One of our favorite holiday traditions, Mallory & David's gingerbread house party!  I still can't fathom how they make all those houses and all that food.  They are extraordinary entertainers!

Joseph has gotten quite creative and talented with his decorating skills.  The only thing I did was the one side of Necco shingles.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Godbrother Gift Exchange

Spellcheck refuses to accept that godbrother is a word, but that doesn't get in the way of our annual tradition.   Love my girl Missy and her boys!