Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Eco Tour

One last amenity we all enjoyed at the Mayakoba was the free daily "eco tour," which was a boat tour through the lagoons led by a biologist who explained everything about the local flora and fauna.

Tons of different birds, plenty of iguana sightings, and even some turtle heads poking through the surface of the water.  Luckily we didn't come across any of the crocodiles!

Not that we needed the tour to find iguanas - they were everywhere, even up in the trees.

Then there was the occasional giant beetle.

There was a nice trail surrounding the property for running, hiking, and biking.  Relatively shaded, but still hot!  Along the path there was a tower for bird watching, and the entrance to a cenote, which is an underground freshwater sinkhole common in the Yucatan Peninsula.  This one was pretty small and home to many bats.

At first glance you might wonder why there was a cat sitting on our patio....

until the little critter turns around.

Look at that tail!

This friendly guy is a coati, which is a mammal in the raccoon family.  We heard they roam around in packs of even 20 or more, but they proved to be fairly elusive.  Our 1st day there, one casually strolled across our deck but didn't stop, and another day some of us got to see a few of them walking among the trees along the path to the pool.  This one showed up on our last day, and he looked like he was about ready to move in.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The Mayakoba was technically not an all inclusive resort, but there really wasn't much to pay for outside of our meals.  In addition to all the perks I mentioned about the room, the staff was always circulating around offering up some new little treat every hour.  They were constantly replenishing buckets of iced water bottles and Evian spray misters (who knew that even existed?!).  The kids could get a flavored ice whenever they wanted and particularly enjoyed the random ice pop deliveries right in the pool or on the beach.

One day they even brought the kids fresh coconuts after hearing that Benjamin wanted to try drinking from one.  Coconuts!  That's darn good service right there.

There were plenty of other food and drink samples, but Brent and Maia were especially looking forward to the eye massages.  Even Joseph got one!

Getting around was the resort super fun.  They had free bikes for every guest but golf carts tended to just appear whenever you needed one.

The food, OMG, was absolutely amazing, and kid's meals were all of $4.

They had a totally free kids club that we hardly used since they were perfectly content in the water all day, but every night there was also a movie under the stars.  They set up a ton of aerobeds and had a full dinner and dessert buffet too!

I'm sure you can imagine there was an amazing spa and fitness center as well.  I can only relax for so long with our getting bored out of my mind, so I tried a few group fitness classes like yoga and Pilates.  You never forget your first time, especially in an environment like this!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

La Playa

Of course it's impossible to vacation in Playa del Carmen without going to la playa - the beach!  We had glorious weather the whole time, with clear, sunny skies and cool breezes.  The kids could have spent the entire day in the sand.

Meanwhile, the adults supervised from not too far away.

There was also a beach-front, infinity-edge pool for a change of pace, merging sky, sea and pool into one.

Supervision was less strict in the shallow pool.

We also spent a good deal of time at the Casa del Lago pool, which was literally steps from our suites.

And don't for one minute think that the beach and 2 pools were enough.  Ample time was devoted to our personal heated plunge pool behind our suite.  Good thing I invested in a waterproof camera!