Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reindeer Games

School is out for winter break!  There was a little party in the classroom last week, which Daisy's mom kindly offered to organize.  Let's just say she's nowhere near as obsessive about planning as I am, and the day before the party she was still wondering what kind of craft or activity the kids might enjoy.  What she came up with was actually ridiculous amounts of fun - a variety of balloon games that had the kids laughing hysterically and the teachers on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

The favorite all around had to be the shirt stuffing game.  Each team had one kid in an adult XL t-shirt, and the other team members had to cram as many balloons as possible up into the shirt in one minute.  It was awesome to see them strategize with each round, like trying to get the smallest kid on the team into the biggest shirt to maximize room for balloons.  Just look at their faces to know they had the best time!

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