Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One on One

After trying basketball out for a 2 week session in camp over the summer, Joseph decided it was a sport he was interested in playing more.  We signed him up for the One on One program that several of his friends have loved, and he couldn't wait to get started.  This past weekend was finally his first clinic, and he did really well and had a great time.

The program focuses on building skills and learning the sport rather than competition, and it groups the kids by experience and skill in addition to age.  The coaches are an incredibly fun bunch too.

What Joseph may currently lack in skills, he makes up for with his height.  He towers over most of the other kids!  But watch out for that little girl in the orange shirt - she's a natural.

The kids each got their own ball to keep, and they worked on ball handling, dribbling, passing and catching, and footwork at various stations.  They end each clinic with a short game.  Joseph seemed to really enjoy himself and is looking forward to next week already.  Maybe he'll be a baller!

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