Monday, December 7, 2015


The main reason for my parents' visit last weekend - we got them tickets to see the Redskins vs. Giants game!  It was Joseph's first pro football game (and actually, I realized it was mine too!).  Which team do you root for when you live in DC but Grandpa and Grammy are die-hard Giants fans from NJ?!?!

Our neighbors have season tickets that come with an awesome parking permit.  They sell the majority of them, so we bought their 2 and got 3 seats close by of the rest of us.  They were excellent seats with a great view of the action!

It was a little drizzly and a touch on the cold side, but it was super fun for all of us.  Joseph even wants to go to more games, which is a relief since he got bored pretty quickly at his first Nationals game.  Now we've got to make sure we see the Capitals next.

Although the Giants were favored, they lost to the Redskins.  Consolation prize: Grammy's gravy!

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