Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Wrap Up

Sneaking this in before ringing in the New Year tonight!  We had a lovely holiday filled with good cheer, and more importantly, family!  Mimi came the week before Christmas and stayed through the 26th, just missing Grammy & Grandpa when they came later that day.  (We're still hoping to convince Poppy to travel one of these years!).

Mimi and I took Joseph to mass on Christmas Eve, where he decided he was really interested in learning more about religion, and asked me to sign him up for Sunday School next year.  (I'll be interested to see if he follows through with that, but I'm game).  Our friends then held a fabulous open house in the evening with tons of good food.  Before bedtime we did our usual routine of leaving cookies for Santa, checking his location on NORAD, saying good bye to Johnny Duddle (our Elf on the Shelf), and reading The Night Before Christmas.

Santa showed up sometime later to stuff all our stockings and pile presents under the tree.  He even left the fireplace door open on his way back up the chimney!

He was SO excited, it's a wonder Joseph slept even a wink.  We were awakened at dawn by him begging us to go downstairs, and he started tearing into presents the moment Mimi finally joined us.


There were tons of Minecraft Lego's and toys, and many other things that were on his wish list, like Harry Potter books, a Nerf football, and an Under Armour bag for his tae kwan do gear.  I think he was most excited to finally have a plasma ball, some random thing he saw in a gift shop on our trip to Atlanta that we refused to buy and carry back on the plane.  He also loved the surprise mini foosball and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots games.

That should have been plenty, but there were more presents from friends (rare Harry Potter Lego's! Basketball clothes!), and even more when Grammy & Grandpa arrived the next day.  Thankfully Santa listened to me this year when I told him that even though he really wanted it, Joseph did not need an Xbox, and we would appreciate if he left that off the sleigh this year.

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