Sunday, December 13, 2015

Back to Where it All Began

The concept of adoption must be an incredibly hard thing for a kid to truly grasp.  We've been through the clueless toddler phase (I don't have a Mommy, I have a Daddy and a Papa), the more imaginative preschool years (I remember the taste of the food my birthmother ate while I was in her tummy), an awkward early school-age literal phase (when he showed the babysitter a picture of us and told her "those aren't my real parents") and now, a more appropriately questioning phase.

We've done our best to always speak openly and positively about the topic, but having adopted only one child, we definitely have limits in our ability to help Joseph understand it all.  The Barker Foundation, which we used for our journey to parenthood, offers lifelong adoption support, including groups for school aged kids.  We finally thought Joseph was old enough to get some benefit from one, and he was so excited to attend the 2 session program over the past few weekends.

He was asked to bring a memento related to his adoption story to share with the group.  We don't really have much a backstory, so the best we could do was send him in with some pictures from the day we met him at Barker and he came home with us when he was 2 days old, and others from when he was in the hospital with his birth parents that were forwarded to us from the counselor at Barker that worked with them.

Joseph sure has grown in the past 8 years!  I fear the day he grows into those feet of his.  We just bought him new boots for the winter, and they're a men's size 9!  His feet are already bigger than Brent's and as you can see, he's catching up to mine quickly.

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