Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Harry Halloween!

Nope, that's not a typo in the title of this post.  Although we did have a very "Happy" Halloween, this year's holiday was all about "Harry."  Harry Potter, of course, which was Joseph's choice of costume.

You know there's always some backstory to Joseph's costume every year!  Ever since his birthday, we all assumed he was going to be Harry Potter for Halloween.  So did he, until we got closer and closer to October, when he decides he really, really would rather be something from Minecraft.  Like, an Enderdragon.   (You should Google it.  Essentially it means I have to send him out trick-or-treating at night dressed all in black with a box over his head, but hey, I get to make cool wings!).   Trying to be a good dad who remembers that I promised I would always make him a cool Halloween costume as long as he wanted me to, I start gathering foam and felt and boxes and such.  Then when I return from Las Vegas, he tells me he's changed his mind and wants to be Harry Potter after all!

Most of the costume is easy peasy, just school uniform type clothes with a few purchased accessories.  But I did make him a traditional Hogwart's style robe that turned out pretty well.  I had to modify the heck out of a pattern since he has blown out of children's sized clothes yet an adult small is still swimming on him.

I love being able to focus on all the special little details when making things from scratch, plus I can include some extra personal touches, like the hidden pocket I added in the lining, which can be used for a wand or to store the Marauder's Map.  (Actually, the pattern didn't even call for a lining, so adding that in the contrasting Gryffindor color was a nice touch too.)

Joseph's blonde hair is more apt for Harry's nemesis Malfoy, and he really wanted to have crazy black hair like Harry.  I styled and sprayed him up before school in the morning, but since I had to work, Brent got to help him into costume and see the class on parade.  It's so weird seeing him as a brunette!

Now you can see the reason Joseph changed his mind.  His friend Nolan wanted to be Ron Weasley, and their classmate Daisy wanted to be Hermione Granger.  The three of them could not have been more adorable or perfect as a group of Gryffindors.

Check out these pics from the parade.  I don't know what to say about the kid on the left wearing a Spiderman costume underneath a giant cardboard cat robot costume that he couldn't even walk in.  How funny are all the parents lined up taking photos?!  My only contribution to the party was a last  minute healthy snack to complement something chocolate when another parent bailed the day before.  Three years in a row with the mandarin orange cup Jack o lanterns, but they are cheap and easy, and it was fun having help from Joseph this year.

Meanwhile, I was sort of Harry Potter too at work.  I had big plans to make robes for the whole family in different Hogwart's House colors ( I was going to be a Ravenclaw and Brent was getting stuck with Slytherin), but there was no time with Joseph's last minute switch.  Still, I was able to throw together a scarf and a patch, and it worked well enough.  Don't think I won't use an Unforgivable Curse on you if I need to!

The kids got to have double the fun this year since they celebrated at school on Friday but the 31st was actually on a Saturday.  Before trick or treating JT and I played around with some other Harry Potter accessories left over from his birthday party like Hedwig the owl and a golden snitch.  Then I sprung on Brent that he was joining us in our theme since I had time in the morning to bang out another scarf and patch for him.

I only had time to carve one pumpkin this year, but it was a pretty darn cool one.  I let Joseph pick out the design, and he immediately chose the Headless Horseman. It was pretty complicated and I was sure it was going to be a disaster, but you can't even notice most of the mistakes I made.  (Like OMG, I'm literally just noticing now that I totally forgot to cut out the horse's tail!!!!!)

We spent the night with our neighbors as usual.  The kids got an extra large haul this year since it was also Daylight Savings time and we stayed out much longer than usual knowing we'd get an extra hour of sleep.

I'm glad we got this one cute family picture.  I put it up on Facebook with the following caption: "An alternate plot line ultimately rejected by JK Rowling, where Harry Potter runs away from the Dursleys and is adopted by a dapper gay wizard couple."  Hope you had a happy Halloween!

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Rgutro said...

What a fun Halloween - You're so incredibly creative and talented - and above all great dads!