Saturday, November 7, 2015

B & C

There are so many kids on our block and so many of them with October birthdays.  As the kids get older it's been getting harder for their parties to be inclusive of everyone, as they are all in different grades and have different school friends, and (although it's sad but true) the boys don't want to hang out with the girls so much anymore.  We haven't had as much of an issue with Joseph having a summer birthday since all the school kids are not so keenly aware of his party, and a lot of them are out of town anyway.  Many of the neighbors are starting to just have the all the kids over for cupcakes or something on their child's actual birthday, and handling the party separately.  I missed a bunch of parties this year due to travel, but at least I was here for Ben and Chloe's actual birthdays.  They're like Joseph's brother and sister from another mother and father.

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