Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dads Night Out

It's not common these days to come across a child that would genuinely be considered a "good kid" (other than your own, LOL!), but Nick, who was in JT's kindergarden class, is absolutely one of them.  He is kind, sweet, thoughtful and overall totes adorbs.  He came up with the idea for a group of boys to go out just with their dads on a monthly basis, and asked him mom with help emailing all of us. We passed on the inaugural event last month when Joseph found out the movie they planned to see was rated PG-13, but we happily all joined in this month for Dads Night Out at Bowlmor Bethesda.

Most of the kids actually scored higher than their dads, but we all had a good time.  Watching kids bowl is always a riot!  Joseph's technique is interesting in that he really tries to hurl the ball down the lane instead of rolling it.  He almost broke 100 both games!

Maybe it's a little unfair that Joseph still got to have both parents there, but that's just our family.  We heard the moms didn't go out at all but rather enjoyed some quiet time alone at home.

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