Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chateau Elan

What do you do with your 8 year old when you're spending a rainy weekend at a winery for your friend's wedding?

Bring him on a winery tour and tasting, of course.   The guide said that Chateau Elan is the largest and most award winning winery on the east coast.  Fun fact: white, rose, and red wines are all made from the same grape, but the color difference comes from the leaving the skins in during the fermentation process.  It was also interesting to learn that the local climate doesn't support the growth of most of the typical varieties of grapes that make good wine, so even though Chateau Elan makes the wine, the grapes are grown in California.  The tour even brought us through the cask room where Nadeen and Parrish were married the night before.

At least Joseph's tour was free since he didn't get to sample 5 of Chateau Elan's award winning wines.

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