Monday, September 7, 2015

Random #5

Starting September off on the blog with lots of little things I never got around to posting at the end of the school year and throughout the summer.

Joseph and many of the other kids we know were thrilled with a surprise visit from their kindergarten teacher, our beloved Miss Rockwell (now Mrs. Eggbeer!).  Such a sweet picture that Jocelyn forwarded to me!

Our next door neighbor Abby had Miss. Rockwell for kindergarten as well before she moved to NH.  She's in the lower left corner in the picture above, and there she is with her twin brother, Sam, celebrating their birthday earlier in the summer.

Sam, Abby, Benjamin, and Joseph all went to camp together for the month of July at Sheridan School, which is so close to our house.  Joseph loved just about every minute of the program, called CASA - Creative Arts Summer Adventure - and I'm sure he'll want to go back net summer.

You've seen enough about Joseph's birthday in July, but here's a little about his favorite gifts.  Aunt Missy and the boys scored big with a Skylanders Trap Team starter pack to use with his iPad.  Everyone on the block is obsessed with it too!

Another hit was the game Clue.  JT has always loved playing board games with us, and he was introduced to this one during a sleepover at Nolan's house, so Nolan gave it to him for his birthday.  It has the traditional version on one side and a boardwalk version on the other.  Super fun!

One of his other favorites was the RC car that Ethan gave him. That thing has been driven all over our neighborhood countless times.

Summer was healthy aside from this ridiculous cough that just wouldn't go away for weeks on end.  It finally worsened to the point that it got him wheezing and I had to bring home a nebulizer from work for a few days.

A few weeks ago I drove up to my parents' house just for a night, and there was a family of deer munching away on their front lawn when I arrived!  They didn't even seem bothered by me pulling into the driveway, and just casually strolled away as I took these pictures.

Quite sadly, the reason for my quick trip up to NJ was not a fun one.  One of my best college friends had passed away and a group of us were meeting outside Philadelphia to say goodbye to her.  At only 48, Liz had been diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer and was gone in just a few short months, leaving her husband and 3 kids behind.  Incomprehensible.  In looking through old photos, I found this one of us that really captured her essence.  It's how I want to remember her always.

To end on a happier note, through determination combined with just a little bit of bribery, we were finally able to coax Joseph back onto his bicycle.  He had been so cautious since this little crash last summer when he starting riding a bigger bike with gears and hand brakes, but he's absolutely confidant again, and we went on our first ever family bike ride around our neighborhood a few weeks ago.  Now there's no limit to where we can go!

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