Saturday, September 12, 2015

Family Biking!

Now that we can ride bikes together as a family, it's all Joseph wants to do.  (Yay!!!)  Last weekend we rode a good chunk of the Capital Crescent Trail for the first time, something I've wanted to do forever.

It was a bit tricky getting the bike rack attached to the car and loading up all 3 bikes.  It really didn't seem as secure as it should have, so instead of exploring Roosevelt Island as we had planned, we stuck a lot closer and got on the CCT at the entrance near Little Falls.  We rode all the way down to Fletcher's Cove and back, which has to be a good 5 miles!

It's all uphill on the way back, and Joseph did a great job.  We're teaching him how to use the gears to his advantage now, and it seems like he's starting to get it.

Just he and I went for another ride around the neighborhood after school a few days ago.  While we were stopped for a water break he spontaneously said, "I love riding my bike now, Daddy.  Thank you for encouraging me to do it again."  That right there was a pretty proud parenting moment for me, and it's things like this that just make every little thing I do with him worthwhile.

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