Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back to School Night

Third grade seems off to a good start!  Last night was Back to School Night, and parents were treated to a letter and some samples of writing and math that the kids have been working on so far.  There are so many things I find fascinating about these papers.  Like, Joseph always refers to us as Daddy and Papa, so seeing him write "Dear Dads" is weird.  Also so cute that he says there are 4 boys living in our house, because he included the cat (we are the alton boys for a reason!).  Why is his favorite number zero? Did you notice he's in "3th" grade.  And who does he thinks he's kidding with that sleep schedule?  P.S. he's only lost 7 teeth.

I know it's hard to read the tiny text here, but he was supposed to write an article about an important event in his life, and he kind of made up a story about when his great grandmother died.  Or does he really think the mailman brought us an invitation to her funeral 5 hours after we found out she had passed away?  Who knows what goes on in the mind of an 8 year old!  It also says in another section that he wants to be a rich artist.  

I took a separate picture and enlarged the lower right corner for obvious reasons!  Reading that kind of makes me not care so much that he still reverses his d's and b's a lot.  And it also makes me wonder where on Earth that came from, because he is such a Papa's boy.  But it surely made my night, and the gorgeous sunset as we were heading home was just the icing on the cake.

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