Sunday, August 9, 2015


As I mentioned in the last post, we were thrilled to have Joseph's cousins come for his birthday and stay for a few extra days.  We wanted to make their trip worthwhile, so we planned a few extra adventures for them.  First up, heading downtown to see a brand new exhibit at one of my favorite places, the National Building museum.

Here's info about the exhibit, pretty much cut-and-pasted from the website: The National Building Museum presents a one-of-a-kind destination for visitors, an interactive architectural installation that brings the quintessential summer experience of going to the beach to downtown Washington, D.C. Spanning across the Museum’s Great Hall, the BEACH covers 10,000 square feet and includes an “ocean” of nearly one million recyclable translucent plastic balls.  The BEACH is contained within an enclosure and built out of construction materials such as scaffolding, wooden panels, and perforated mesh, all clad in stark white. Monochromatic beach chairs and umbrellas sprinkle the 50-foot wide “shoreline,” and the “ocean” culminates in a mirrored wall that creates a seemingly infinite reflected expanse. 

Visitors are welcome to relax at the water's edge,  dangle their feet in the ocean off the pier, or dive right in for a "swim."

This place was made for selfies!

The ocean is fairly shallow (only about 3 and a half feet in the deep end), but let me tell you, it is super hard to get a footing on all the balls and work your way out of the depths.  Still, it didn't stop any of us from diving in over and over again for a solid hour or more.

You'll so want to go after watching these short videos!

As a bonus, the balls are somehow 99% antimicrobial!  You just have to make sure your pockets are empty, because if you drop something, you're sure to never see it again.

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