Monday, August 31, 2015

Hershey or Bust

We tried to end summer vacation on a high note by taking a day trip to Hershey Park a few days before school started.  Hard to believe it's been 2 full years since our last trip to the Sweetest Place on Earth.  Look how much Joseph has gown in the interim, from a Hershey bar (September 2013)

up to a Twizzler now!

Joseph could ride most of the attractions as a Twizzler, and after a spin on the Scrambler it was thumbs up for our first roller coaster ride, the Comet.

It was NOT this one.  Or THAT one that goes upside down.  I don't think I'll let him ride those until he's 30 or so.

As we were in line for the roller coaster, this is what the sky looked like.  Completely gray and dreary, with the only sign of color being the flag on top of the Kissing Tower.  After that it pretty much rained for hours with only temporary reprieves.  Let me tell you, Hershey Park in the rain pretty much sucks the big one.  They shut down all the major rides an there's not much else to do, but we did get in a ride to the top of the tower and a few rounds of bumper cars.

Since we drove all that way, we decided to wait out the rain, even though the majority of the park emptied out.  Once the rain finally passed, Joseph was able to ride his favorite, the log flume, 6 times in a row.  Plus he got himself some cotton candy, so the day wasn't a complete bust for him.

Plus they gave us free return visit tickets that are good for a year, so we'll give it another go soon enough.

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