Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eye on Elegance

I may be losing my faithful readers here with this post on nothing but quilts, especially since I didn't even make any of them!  But the whole reason for my trip to the Daughters of the American Revolution museum was specifically to see this exhibit, so I figured I may as well share it with you.  "Eye on Elegance: Early Quilts of Maryland and Virginia" showcased over 30 exceptional quilts from late-18th to mid-19th century households.

I am always blown away by "album" style quilts, especially the Baltimore Album (on the right).  I can't fathom ever having the time or patience for such intricate hand appliqué.  The weaving on the baskets is just spectacular!

I am also not a hand quilter (but maybe I would have been if I was a middle aged woman in the 1800's?).  I could easily replicate the "delectable mountain" block below, but would never even attempt that level of quilting.  And the staggering number of "half square triangles" in the 2nd quilt just baffles me.

The "sunburst" and "Lone Star" quilts really held my attention.  The single, eight-pointed star design (which used to be known as a "mathematical star" but later become better known as the "Lone Star" when it migrated to and became polar in Texas) is made of just one simple shape, hundreds of little diamonds.

There are much, much easier ways to piece Lone Star quilts these days.  I definitely see one of them in my future!


sko_G knits said...

do i hear a theme for round 2 of the WERQ bee?

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

I'd be up for it, Chris! I miss the bee!!