Monday, August 3, 2015

Adult Swim

Around this time of the year, I don't even bother to try posting in anything close to real time. After I recover from Joseph's birthday, I move right onto my next big project (affectionately referred to around here as "The Book"), and I wind up with a ridiculous backlog of posts.  We had an incredibly action packed couple of days following JT's party over 2 weeks ago, starting with a pool party the very next day.

My friend Jocelyn decided to throw herself a little birthday get together of her own at her pool, and I brought along my waterproof camera.  Once they called adult swim and kicked the kids out of the pool, we got to have some grown up fun, both above and below the water.

But adult swim is only 15 minutes, and the kids were in on the fun instantly.  Apparently all they want to do is be photographed doing the peace sign (like they even know what they means), even going down the slide .

Happy birthday Joce! 
And to Zara too, whose birthday has come and gone as well!

P.S. Have I even mentioned that Joseph's cousins came for his birthday?  Mimi flew from NOLA to Houston to get our special guests, then they all flew to DC together and stayed for 5 days.  You'll see plenty more of Leyton a& Ashton in the next few posts :)

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