Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Towering Legacy

When I found out that Leyton and Ashton would be staying with us for a few days, I immediately hopped online to reserve tickets to get us all to the top of the Washington Monument.  I haven't done it since I moved to DC 20 years ago, and access was limited for so long after both 9/11 and our freak earthquake in 2011.  It can takes weeks to months to get tickets and you really need to plan far in advance of a visit.

After our workout at the National Building Museum in the ball pit, we rested over lunch, then walked over to one of the most well known landmarks in our city.  The boys were not particularly thrilled with all the walking, but we made it in time!

We took the elevator up and were treated to the most gorgeous panoramic views of our nation's capital.  I was just as amazed seeing it all now as I was the first time, so many years ago.

Checking out the White House,

the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin,

and the WWII Memorial, Reflecting Pool, and Lincoln Memorial.

Joseph wasn't always as impressed as the rest of us, but I think he was just worn out.

Really, the boys were all worn out, and had absolutely no desire to see any more sights for the rest of the day.  But they were all happy to have had the experience, and I was thrilled to have been there with them.

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