Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3rd Grade!

Do you believe we're back in school already?  It's two weeks before Labor Day and that somehow seems totally wrong.   Summer flew by and kind of feels anticlimactic since we didn't take a big trip this year.  Still, it's so nice to see so many friendly faces again and get back into a routine.

We have such a big grade and they are trying something new this year.  They've reduced the 5 classes into 4 so each class has 30 kids, but each class now has 2 full time teachers instead of 1 teacher with an occasional assistant.  We're excited that they looped the class this year so it's all the same classmates with a few new kids, plus we got an awesome teacher too!

Would you believe I actually had to miss the 1st day of school this year due to work?  So unlike me!  I'm sure nobody can tell these pictures were taken a day later :)

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