Friday, July 3, 2015

Intro to Indiana Jones

Joseph and I have been on a "staycation" for the past week, and in a quest to come up with some fun and different things to fill our days, we set off on an adventure to the National Geographic Museum downtown to see the new exhibit about Indiana Jones.  Honestly, I don't know how explorers ever found their way around without Google Maps.

"Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology" showcases an extensive collection of original movie props, posters, storyboards, costumes, and video clips from all the films. Joseph hasn't seen any of them yet, but it was still pretty cool to see much of the movie memorabilia with him.  We were equipped with "personal video companions" that guided us through the exhibit, and started our journey with an audio greeting by none other than Harrison Ford himself.

I never did see the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull myself, but it was fun revisiting the Lost Ark, the Temple of Doom, and the Last Crusade for the Holy Grail.  And oh my, River Phoenix - I forgot about him.  Overall it was a pretty cool exhibit and a great way to spend the morning with Joseph.

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