Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sweet Summer Birthdays

This last week of school has been nothing but one celebration after another: grade-wide end of year party, individual class party, field day.....but most importantly for us, the summer birthday celebration!  Birthdays are celebrated monthly rather than individually in 2nd grade, so it's finally a little fairer for all those summer kids that always got lumped together in one day at the end of the year.

Nolan's mom, Jaedyn's dad and I decided that we'd indulge our chocolate loving sons and go overboard with chocolate milk, chocolate donuts, and chocolate bars for everyone.

I made a label that resembles a Hershey bar closely enough, although I couldn't get the color quite right and I didn't bother to download the Hershey font.  I'm slipping ;)  My favorite parts are that it says "since 2007" and "8 years per kid."  You'll note that our teacher has a summer birthday as well, but I didn't give away her age.

In the end I caved to suggestion and brought half chocolate-glazed and half vanilla-glazed donuts instead of all chocolate.  The kids chose which they wanted independently, and darn if they weren't split exactly evenly between the two, so everyone was happy!

Hooray for sweet summer birthdays!

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