Monday, May 25, 2015

Simon's Saga

This is a long overdue update on our sweet little Simon, who had quite a serious health scare recently.  The day after we returned from Mexico, well over a month ago now, we came home from running errands, and Simon just didn't look quite right.  He was very subdued, and was kind of staring out into space and drooling.  Brent immediately took him over to the local animal hospital.  They said he was probably nauseous and a little dehydrated, gave him some fluids, and sent him on his way back home.

Brent thankfully thought to check on Simon in the middle of the night, and he found him in seriously bad shape.  He was panting and clearly struggling to breathe, so back to the hospital he went.  It turns out the fluids they gave him earlier in the day had sent him into full-on congestive heart failure, and in retrospect they realized his symptoms were due to progressing heart disease.  He was admitted to their intensive care unit for three days. He needed oxygen (which they pipe into an incubator), blood pressure support, diuretics, even antibiotics.  There were a good many times when we really didn't think he was ever going to get better and come home, and I'm not sure how we would have handled that so soon after losing Jeffrey.

But then, he turned a corner!  He'd perk up when we came to visit, would give us those endearing head butts, and we'd hear that familiar loud purr of his that is music to our ears.  He was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is apparently the 2nd most common problem in aging cats after kidney disease.  Now that it's being managed, he could live with it for years. (Which, after the cost of that hospitalization, he better.)

Simon was very clearly happy to be home, and took his rightful place immediately - which is wherever Brent is.

It is so incredibly amazing to have our handsome boy back home, acting like nothing was ever wrong.

However, Simon Limon is generally less than enthused when it comes to taking his medicine.  Three different meds, two of them are twice a day.  One liquid, two pills.  Have you ever tried to give a cat medicine?  It's got to be like working on a psych ward, or in prison.  It's amazing how many ways he can spit those pills back out.  I am not sure who they are referring to when they say this medicine is highly palatable. It is not palatable to cats.  I've got it pretty well down now with the help of a pill shooter (notice I didn't say "we"...) and we do what we must for our little ones.


Rgutro said...

Glad to hear that Simon is back home. We use peanut butter to give our dogs medicine, but I imagine that a cat wouldn't find it palatable.

DanielleInNH said...

I found your blog while trolling Pinterest for Wild Kratts Creature Power vest how-to's for my son (awesome tute, by the way and it is bookmarked for when I finally get around to doing it!).

I had to give my cat pills twice a day that no matter WHAT I did, she would not keep them down. I finally brainstormed putting the pill in a few drops of water the night before (or immediately after administering her dose) so that it was dissolved by the time I needed it. I then sucked it up in a syringe and was able to medicate her that way. So much easier. Glad to hear Simon is well!