Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sign of the Crab

Some projects, well, they take a long time to see through to completion.

When we were heading out to Alaska on a cruise shortly before this school year started, I decided I needed to find a project to bring along to pass some of the time at sea.  I tend to get bored easily if I'm not doing something creative at all times.  The lovely ladies at The Point of it All convinced me that a needlepoint belt would be a quick and easy project.  Since Joseph's Zodiac sign is Cancer, I chose this one with a row of crabs.

Quick and easy turned out to be debatable, or maybe I didn't have as much down time as I had assumed I would.  This was as far as I got during our vacation, just 3 crabs out of the 12 that I needed to make it around my waist, plus some background.

Nonetheless, I continued on once we got home, and managed to finish it up by the new year.  There is something seriously satisfying about putting that very last stitch into a project!

Then the completed canvas sat in the closet for a while, knowing that turning it into a belt was not inexpensive.  The cost of the canvas and thread (about $80) and finishing ($130!!!) combined make this by far the most expensive belt I have ever owned, and probably ever will.  But OH, MY, is it gorgeous!  The leather is like butter, the turned edges are flawless, and the stitching is impeccable.

As soon as Joseph fits into it, it's all his.  Hopefully once he's done with it I'll still be able to fit into it myself.  If not, I know how to make another one.

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