Sunday, April 19, 2015

Washington Crossing

Spring break has come and gone, so the blog hiatus can finally end as well.  As I sort through vacation photos to start sharing, here's one last thing from our quick trip up to NJ.  It's been 3 1/2 years (!) since the last time we popped over to Washington Crossing while at my parents' house.  Kind of amusing that the 1st time we visited was during Thanksgiving, and this time it was during Easter, when the site itself is known for its historical significance around Christmas time.

Need a reminder?  This is the place where General George Washington crossed the icy Delaware River from Pennsylvania into New Jersey under cover of darkness during a snowstorm on Christmas night in 1776 in a daring plan to attack the British troops in Trenton.  His victory is credited with giving new life to the American Revolution.

Joseph was completely disinterested in all of this information, but was quite thrilled to meet a soldier named Joe that let him hold his rifle.

Hopefully one year we can return on Christmas, when actors in period attire recreate the crossing in replica Durhan boats.

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