Friday, April 3, 2015

Target Practice

It's been ages since I've posted anything much about quilting around here, but I finally have a finished project to share.  Even though it's just a mini quilt, made up of just one single block, finishing out at about a 21" square.

This is a technique that I've wanted to try for a long time, piecing a set in circle.  This particular tutorial from the Modern Quilt Guild also uses half-square triangles to give a lot more interest to the center circle.

To finish it I also tackled another technique on my quilty bucket list, spiral quilting.  The majority of the quilting is done with just one long continuous line spiraling out from the center until it hits the edges.  The edge of the walking foot provides a guide for even spacing.  It took about an hour and almost one full bobbin to get the job done, simple but pretty labor intensive.  (Enlarge the pics for better detail on the quilting!)

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this little thing, since I don't have a dedicated work space to hang it in, but it sure makes me happy.  It contains some of my favorite fabrics and colors.  Houndstooth on both the front and the back, gray as a neutral, and a polka dot binding - love!

I went kind of picture happy with this one trying to get the best angle and lighting to show off the dense, circular quilting.

Although I haven't posted any finished quilts for some time, I did get to work on various projects throughout the past year with the WERQ bee, which closed at the end of 2014.  In June, Chris asked for improv blocks that can best be described as "scrap vomit."  Take as many different fabrics scraps as you can find and put them together completely haphazardly.  That is either going to be one terribly ugly or one incredibly fascinating finished project - I can't wait to see!  At the very least it was nice to visit with so many fabrics that I've used over the past 18 or 19 years.

July may just be some of my favorite blocks from the bee!  Jan asked for 3 citrus and gray colored "rings 'n things" blocks - yay for curved piecing!  I had to make a 4th block just to finish up the center  circle.  This pattern may need to be on my bucket list.

In August Brian went with a classic red and white color combo with these "purse string" blocks.  As a bonus, in clipping off the corners to make some of the units, there were lots of triangle pieces left over to make perfect little pinwheels, and I challenged everyone to make those too and have Brian craft something out of them. Better that than the ice bucket challenge ;)

September?  We got a break.  The guy who had originally signed up for this month dropped out ages ago, so we all just took the month to do our own thing and/or catch up.  Bradley was quite creative in November.  We all had to make our own templates for these blocks, then string piece a gazillion gray scraps around a brilliant blue center diamond.  That's gonna be stunning, for sure.

November was the last month of the bee, and Lucky chose the block that inspired this whole post.  Since the block was so big, he only asked for one, but I made two just so I could keep one!

I'm currently (finally) sashing together all the Union Jack blocks from my month of the bee in May, and finally have some time to get back to a few other WIP's, so hopefully there will be more finishes in the near future.

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