Saturday, April 4, 2015

Persuasive Writing 2.0

I was truly convinced that Joseph didn't bother sending me the letter he said he wrote to me about the Harry Potter books when I originally posted about our trip to the post office.  Then lo and behold, an envelope arrived addressed to me just last week containing not one but TWO letters to me from my boy.

I realize it's hard to read a 2nd grader's writing, so let me translate:  "Dear Daddy Cat (don't ask....), I hope you read Harry Potter.  It's so good.  I'll explain it.  First, everything is good.  Second, it's adventurous and cool.  Third: [it's] realistic, and I get a video [that] comes in my head [when I read it].  My favorite thing is EVERYTHING."

You might wonder why he signed it "your good listener," until you realize the 2nd letter predates the 1st, and he was clearly trying to work me over.

"Dear Daddy, I think I should have more chocolate because I have barely any.  And another reason is it's so good.  Also I always eat healthy food and exercise.  I need to get more electronic games, and I need to text and email."  (Don't even get me started on the flaws in his arguments.)

And on the back, "P.S. Love you!"
He surely gets an A for effort.

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