Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter 2015

I've been terribly disorganized this month, with posts jumping around from crafting to Easter to quilting to school and back to Easter a few times.  The truth is, I've been trying to get caught up on everything possible before the blog goes quiet for the next week while we're away on Spring Break, finally!  It's also hard to be organized when you're juggling 3 different cameras (the good one, the iPhone, and the brand new waterproof one purchased specifically for our trip!).

So, Easter again.  We took a quick drive up to NJ to celebrate with Grammy and Grandpa.  I made my famous "pizza gaina" only to find out that my Uncle Peter made one as well.  He was trying to perfect the recipe so that it was just like my grandmother's.  I got some great tips to make some minor adjustments to mine, but I prefer the crust that I use even though it's not true to her version.

Mom threw in a cake to celebrate both Brent and my sister's recent birthdays.  Cannoli filling!  Only in Jersey would you come across that.

When we got home, it turns out the Easter bunny had left a surprise for Joseph.  Shocking, since he had also left gifts and Grammy and Aunt Toni's houses as well.  What a generous rabbit :)

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