Friday, April 10, 2015


My BFF Lance so very sweetly sent Joseph a package of cascarones, which are confetti filled eggs.  I had never heard of them before 2 years ago when we spent Easter in Texas.  We shared them with our neighbor's kids, Ben and Chloe.

I think you're supposed to crush them open over someone's head so they get a confetti shower, but they didn't last very long with this bunch.  They squeezed them open and popped them on the ground before we had a chance to talk it through.  There's always next year....

In other egg related news, we again shared our tradition of dyeing Easter eggs with Ben and Chloe too.  Along with what seems like the rest of the world, we came across the idea of drawing on the boiled eggs with crayons while they are still hot.  The wax just melts onto the shell, and you can still dye them later once they're cooled.  Very pretty results!

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