Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sand Art

I saw this idea in a magazine ages ago about collecting sand from wherever you travel.  I should probably give credit to Martha Stewart - because, why wouldn't you? - but there's an outside chance it may have been in something like Architectural Digest.

We've collected enough on our trips with Joseph now that it was time to put them on display.   It's really amazing how different the colors and textures are in comparison.  Of course the pink sand from Bermuda is the most unusual so far.

I labeled the bottom of each jar so we could remember where the samples came from.

Whatever didn't fit in the small glass jar got poured into Joseph's sandbox in the back yard.

The jars are displayed on a shelf in Joseph's room so he has a unique keepsake and reminder for where in the world he's been.  It was a fun project to work on together, and he's excited to bring a sample home when we travel to Mexico soon.

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