Saturday, March 7, 2015

Persuasive Writing

Letter writing: a thing of the past?  Not just yet!  Joseph's 2nd grade class has done a unit on "persuasive writing," where they state an opinion and try to convince the reader to agree.  I thought they were supposed to write about their favorite books, but it looks like there was a little flexibility.  Jaedyn's letter did not do much to convince Joseph's dads to watch wrestling on TV.

They could write to anybody, either in or out of school.  One of their homework assignments was to write an address book, and we provided envelopes and stamps.  I luckily got to chaperone the walking field trip to the post office close to school.

Joseph only had one letter to mail, to Mimi.  Can't wait to hear what it's about when she gets it!  We wrote out 10 other addresses, including to his kindergarten teacher who moved to NH, but no such luck for the rest of us.  He claims he wrote one to me to convince me to read Harry Potter, but since I just finished reading it on our Mardi Gras trip he didn't bother giving it to me.

I did manage to get one letter though, which came home in Joseph's backpack after school.  Apparently the teacher though Nolan was being a little rude to me when I was trying to keep the kids off the ice and snow, and she had him write me an apology!  (I know Nolan and his family quite well, so I actually found it quite amusing when he said "You're not my mother. You can't control me!")

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