Friday, March 20, 2015


Sometimes you can say you simply lost another tooth, other times you have to say you truly LOST it.  That thing was barely hanging on by a thread at pick up from school yesterday, and a few hours later it was just gone.  My bet it that it made its way down with some Pirate Booty.

On his way to bathe before bed Joseph asked if the Tooth Fairy was real or if it was really just us giving him money.  All I could tell him was that it was up to him what he wanted to believe in.  If he believed that the Tooth Fairy was real, then she would keep coming.  If he really thought it was us, he'd be out of luck, since there was no way we'd be giving him money when he's constantly making a mess and never cleans up after himself.  Interestingly she showed up last night after all.

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