Monday, March 23, 2015

Dragon Man

Have I mentioned again in the last 5 minutes how amazing our elementary school is?  We must have the most ridiculously overfunded PTA that supports tons of extra programs not funded by DCPS.  They have a whole "special" on digital communications, and another on graphic arts.  They had an open house in graphic arts last week to showcase the kids' work in animation.

Joseph and Kit were teamed together and used the (free!) Lego Movie Maker app to create the critically acclaimed stop motion short film Dragon Man.  They got to create the story line, draw the characters and backdrop, and add music and special effects.  I bet it would have gotten even better reviews if they actually aimed the camera AT the action!  There are already 2 equally riveting sequels as well.

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

i love this C'arl! way to go kitt and JOJO!! im impressed!