Monday, March 30, 2015


Brent's birthday was a week ago, and while we had some sad family news on our minds, we were still able to have a little celebration for him.  Joseph made him a card and decorated a glass jar filled with his favorite Starburst jellybeans.  Almost funny then, that he wrote I hope you "lick" the present I gave you, instead of "like."

Joseph also picked out an ice cream cake for Papa and added the candles, using the 7 from his last birthday and 4 more to represent 40.  Yup, that adds up correctly ;)  Our neighbors thoughtfully popped by with a decadent chocolate raspberry cake, so there were double desserts.  That might explain how those candles got blown out so fast that I hardly got a picture!

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Rgutro said...

Happy birthday, Brent. There is no better way to celebrate with those who love you. What a great post.