Sunday, March 15, 2015


We already had Joseph's eyes pretty thoroughly examined last year, but out of nowhere recently both Brent and I thought it looked like one of his eyes was turning in now and then, so we consulted one of my favorite pediatric ophthalmologists earlier this week. The assistant tested him for everything, including depth perception, color blindness, and strabismus, and all was happily normal.

She put in some dilating drops and had us wait for the doctor.  Believe it or not, this was our first time watching Doc McStuffins.  Now I can finally tell all my little patients that I've seen her!

After another rounds of tests the doctor was finally able to reproduce it for a second.  Joseph is mildly farsighted, and what we saw is accommodative esotropia, which means that the eyes can cross if he's trying too hard to focus on something close.  He gets to try some OTC reading glasses to see if they make any difference, and if they don't, he doesn't need to use them.

Having dilated eyes was so goofy!  He kept telling me how weird I looked.  I thought he looked like someone else I know with those big saucer eyes.

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