Sunday, March 8, 2015

48 is Great!

I couldn't possibly complain about getting older (even though 48 really does sound OLD!) while being spoiled all weekend long by my wonderful family and friends.  I got not one but TWO deliveries of tulips, which I've always felt are such happy flowers.  Funny how they wound up being the LSU colors of purple and gold!

Our friend Shami asked us to drop by since her daughter Imogen had been baking up a storm for me all morning.  So sweet in every sense of the word!

While I was at my favorite class at the gym in the morning, Brent and Joseph were off running errands, securing my favorite lemon Buttercream cake from Heidelberg Bakery and replacing my tape measure that Joseph just broke.

We got together with some neighbors in the evening for a little pizza party, and Maia made me a special cocktail - so good!  (Maia had asked me what kind of drinks I like, and I said "I don't know, just something kind of gay and fruity." Thus it was affectionately dubbed "The Extra Gay & Fruity," otherwise known as "The Fruity Francis," which I'll take over the drink named after another friend called "The Surly Angie.")

That should have been enough, but today I was treated to a special birthday brunch at Chadwick's in Alexandria by Missy, Matt, Jack & Will.  Missy and I were realizing that we met here in DC 20 years ago!  It's still incredible to think that after all that time as friends we managed to have kids just 3 months apart from each other.

I think I must officially decree that every birthday of mine moving forward must take place on a weekend.  Only 364 more days until I'm 49.....Maybe I should just start rounding up?!

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