Saturday, February 14, 2015

Will You Be Mine(craft)?

When trying to come up with ideas for Valentine's Day cards this year, it became obvious pretty quickly - it had to be Minecraft.  Joseph has next to no idea of how to really play the game, but he and virtually every other kid in his class absolutely love it.  Last year's homemade Lego valentines were such a hit that I wanted to make something again this year.  We modified this idea I came across on grungezomie for making Minecraft bookmarks.

There were 8 different options, but Joseph only liked 5 of them.  He thoughtfully made a list of which character he wanted to give to each classmate.  Instead of wasting ink printing the ones we weren't using, I used my graphics program to cut and paste and make sheets of each individual character.  Joseph even totaled up how many of each he needed and checked them off when we had enough.

I mounted the bookmarks on coordinating card stock and then clipped the corners using a template I made.  Then they got a run through the thermal laminating machine (one of the greatest inventions ever) in sets of four.

I also managed to use my graphics program to create an original card!  Thankfully there is a free downloadable Minecraft font.  Although the names would have looked pretty cool in the same font, Joseph has finally gotten so much better with handwriting and was excited to address and sign all the cards himself.  (Here's a PDF of the card I made if you want to download)

Everything got a quick hole-punch, then Joseph used his list to match the cards with the character he picked for each classmate.  We made a few extra to keep for ourselves too :)  I attached the cards with ribbon to the back of the bookmarks so the kids could still see the characters, and we were all ready for Valentine's Day!

So, will you be mine(craft)?


Julie Chapman said...

Hi - I have been searching everywhere for something like this - is the template something you can share or point me in a direction?

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

There's a link in the first paragraph to the original template from grungezombie

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

I also added a link so you can download a PDF of the card I made :)