Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hit Me!

After a fantastic day in New Orleans, we spent the rest of our Mardi Gras trip back in Houma with the family.  They (or is it just Bo?) rent the same space every year where we can all hang out together and watch the parades.  Due to predicted rain, all the parades planned for Monday and Fat Tuesday were moved up, so we got to see them all together on Sunday.

Ashton really wanted a sign to hold up so he'd be noticed and would get more beads thrown at him.  Mimi made up one for him and Leyton saying they were from Houston, and one for Joseph that said Washington, D.C.  Both of them said "Hit Me!" and that's exactly what happened.  Houma loves having out of towners, so the boys were a constant target.

The floats aren't as impressive as the ones in New Orleans, but they are still lots of fun.  A family favorite was the LSU Tigers float coming around the corner.

The parades in Houma are obviously so much smaller and less crowded than NOLA, so the kids can really go right up to the floats.  It's unbelievable how much stuff we collected that day!  We took home a few souvenirs, but most of it gets cleaned up and recycled.  You can catch things that have been used forever, like some beads that had the year 2000 on them - 15th time around!

Unfortunately they're a little more mean spirited in Houma, and you really need to keep your eyes peeled at all times, because they do try to actually hit you.  Even more so when there's a sign near you that says "Hit Me!"  Go figure.  Toward the end of the night,  they finally got me when I looked away for 1 second.  BAM!  Right in the face.  Didn't even realize my glasses got knocked off until someone  found them on the ground and gave them back to me.

No real harm done, and it was all in good fun.  It definitely gave a lot of people a good laugh, and I'm just glad it was me instead of Joseph, Leyton or Ashton.  Otherwise I would have had to go all Roy Harper on them in my red hoodie.  I guess you have to watch the show Arrow to get that.....

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