Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gran, et al

A few final pics from our Louisiana trip, shockingly not Mardi Gras related.  Gran has been slowing down and having a harder time getting around so wasn't up for any parades this year, but we still got to spend plenty of time visiting with her.  I'm not sure if she's shrinking or if Joseph's growing that fast, but it looks like they're pretty close to meeting in the middle.

The only thing about visiting Gran is that one of these days that black mold creeping out of the air ducts is going to get us all.

Joseph was certainly busy being entertained, with spontaneous performances in Poppy's studio, golf cart tours of the neighborhood, and sneaking in more screen time over his cousins' shoulders.

While it was in the single digits at home in DC and neighbors dealt with the gas outage and loss of heat that effected the majority of our block, it was much milder in LA and the boys even got to goof around in the hot tub.  And those three, they are goofs, for sure.

With more free time than I'm used to having, I actually read a book.  Like, a whole book.  Not that it was very deep, but still.  Joseph wanted us all to read the Harry Potter series together, so I had to read The Sorcerer's Stone to catch up.  On to The Chamber of Secrets.

Lastly, one of my favorite photos, of Gran with Joseph, Ashton and Leyton.  The boys wanted to visit and bring her beads since she didn't go to any parades.  They each picked out a special one for her and gave them to her when we picked her up from physical therapy.  Such love!

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