Saturday, January 31, 2015

Random #3

My poor, sweet, neglected blog.  I have been far too deep in the weeds for weeks on end, and this has got to be among the lamest months for posting in the history of the Alton Boys.  Maybe it's because of how long it takes to assemble 1137 Lego pieces with a 7 year old?  And that's from just one building set that came our way over the holidays.  (As an aside, I must say that I do prefer Lego Star Wars over the Megabloks "Call of Duty" line, which is clearly inferior quality and has terrible directions.)

In other frustrating news, we discovered a slow leak from the upstairs tub that wreaked havoc on our dining room ceiling.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

We must always find time for homework.  If only it were straightforward.  When trying to sort words between the long and short "a" sound, where does the guy on the lower right fit in?  Is it short "a" for "man" or long "a" for face?  Short "a" for "mustache" or long "a" for "Adolf Hitler?" (Really, not a single other person noticed the resemblance before publishing that worksheet?  Maybe it's supposed to fit in the oddball category for the "ah" sound in "Nazi.")

Wish I could find the time to finally turn these beautiful blocks into a quilt, but I've barely sewn a stitch in weeks :(

Sometimes, when life gets crazy like this, you just have to stop and get a milkshake.  Then nothing else really matters.

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