Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Our elementary school has this great tradition in 2nd grade called "VIP Day."  There's a top secret sign up system, and every Wednesday a different family shows up in class to surprise their child with a presentation about them and an activity.  We chose today's slot since it was close to Joseph's half birthday, a perfect time to celebrate him!

Everyone starts with a slide show or PowerPoint presentation.  Can you imagine me going through more than 7 years worth of photos?  Stressful!  But iPhoto has a great built in system for slide shows, and we set it to a few of Joseph's favorite songs.  There were groupings of pictures like favorite things, family, travel, Halloween costumes, holidays, etc.  He sat up front and center, and the kids really seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards we let him answer a few questions from his classmates.

Then we broke the kids into 2 groups and Brent and I each took half.  I made 2 sets of different folded paper fortune teller thingamajigs, one with fun facts about Joseph, the other with tidbits about his travels.  The kids each got a turn doing it, and I could tell they loved the interactive element of this, even though it was such a simple thing.

Our other activity was making paper airplanes and doing target practice.  Joseph comes home with paper airplanes jammed into his backpack almost every day, so we felt like this really reflected his interests.  Plus, I personalized the paper with "JTG-VIP" on one side, and figured out how to place the lines and graphics so that it would show his name once it was all folded.

The targets were villains from some of Joseph's favorite games and shows, just pictures mounted on poster board, which I got to stand up by using poster board scraps as easels.

I think this was their favorite part!  The kids all lined up over and over again to launch those planes!

Instead of normal recess and lunch, families get to take their VIP off campus to lunch anywhere they want.  Joseph chose Guapo's of course.  It was such a nice touch that it started to snow during our outing!

I would have loved to have made a sweet treat to share with the class, but there's not supposed to be any goodies or prizes so the kids focus on the info and activities rather than what they're going to get. It's really a lovely tradition, and Joseph seemed happy with what we did.  Today and always, he's our VIP!

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