Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Intro to Origami

I have to give it to Joseph, he really likes to mix things up.  He has some favorite after school enrichment classes like Mad Science, Legos, and soccer, but he often tries something new and/or crafty.  This session he chose 2 entirely new ones: chess and origami.

He came home with quite an assortment of items after the 1st session: a fox, a house, a piano, a drinking cup (which he actually used to drink from!) and a teeny tiny wallet.

This week he came home with a swan and some bunnies, but he was most thrilled about making a Samurai helmet.  The teacher also let him take home hers, which is the black one on the left.  His on the right is pretty darn good!  The reason he was so excited about them?  He could put them on some small stuffed animals and make them into Samurai warriors.

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Rgutro said...

Very cool. What a talent! You are the best dads.