Sunday, December 21, 2014

House Parties

Our friends, Mallory and David, had their annual gingerbread house party as usual, and they managed to take it up another notch in their new house this year.

Aside from baking and assembling individual gingerbread houses for every family, and having enough incredible food to feed an army, they actually designed and built a drying and storage rack above their staircase that doubles as a coat rack.  These people mean business, and they never disappoint!  I always wonder what we could accomplish if we teamed up....

In other holiday happenings, Patty and John (parents to Nick and Matt in Joseph's class) hosted an open house.  Ugly sweaters + white elephant gift exchange = fun for all!  Maybe our matching "Oh Deer!" sweatshirts weren't that ugly, but we definitely brought the best white elephant gift ever.  I stole her from one party because I knew she'd be a hit at this one, and she has certainly found her forever home with John.

Who wants to party in this house?

I mean, what is that thing?  Part Grinch, part Creature from the Black Lagoon?  Is it eating the lights or throwing them up?  This is where we bought our Christmas tree!

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