Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Let's see if I can wrap this all up into one tidy post.

Grammy and Grandpa visited the weekend before Christmas.  Joseph got to open his 1st gifts of the season and was thrilled with his Giants jersey.  He has most definitely become a jersey boy, and perhaps he's a Jersey Boy at heart.  We also had Aunt Missy and the gang over for dinner and gift exchange as well.  We don't see them nearly enough anymore!

We didn't do any travel at all this year for the holidays due to our combined work schedules, and were graciously invited to spend Christmas Eve at Benjamin's grandparents' house again.  We were shockingly on top of things this year, so all we had to do was come home, put out some cookies for Santa, and get the presents out of hiding.  No last minute wrapping or assembling at all - first time ever!

Joseph was SO ready for more presents, and Santa did not disappoint.  I know it looks as dark as the night before, but we made it to a pretty reasonable 6:45am Christmas morning.

Tons and tons of Star Wars action figures and vehicles (much like the tons and tons of army men and vehicles we're already stepping over).  Many new Star Wars Lego sets too, which he was so desperate to receive that he hugged them.

Several "Call of Duty" Mega Bloks sets, which are exactly like Legos, except army themed.  I've mentioned before that he likes Legos, and Star Wars, and army stuff, right?  And jerseys.

The 2 things he really, really wanted Santa to bring were a Nerf gun and an iPad.  I told Santa I was completely opposed to both.  Santa came through with an iPad anyway, and Joseph's mind. was. BLOWN!

Even after all that, Santa still stuffed his stocking pretty good, with Pokeman cards, Minecraft minifigures, chocolate, and T shirts.  Santa has a pretty good sense of humor, because he also slipped in a Frozen Elsa PEZ dispenser.

After a special breakfast of gingerbread Belgian waffles, my main job was setting up the iPad with Joseph's favorite games, and then staring at the top of his head.  (He may not think so, but there will be limits)

And then it was on to prep for dinner Christmas night, as Mimi was flying in from Louisiana.

Santa may be done for this year, but I may have found a way to help him get around next year.

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