Monday, December 22, 2014

By the Dozen

Holiday baking, despite how stressful it might seem at any given moment, is by far one of my favorite parts of the season.  I've lost track of how many years I've been making gift boxes for all of Brent's coworkers, which he passes out at their holiday party (shhhh, don't tell all of my coworkers!). This year I decided it was crazy that I didn't make them for all our good friends and neighbors too.

Every year there are the classics: chewy ginger cookies, Mexican hot chocolate cookies, some version of decorated sugar cookies, and some kind of cake pop.  The salted caramel chocolate chunk cookies are now forever added to that list.  The new recipes I tried this year were red velvet crinkles, Italian anise cookies, and eggnog snickerdoodles.

I must have been heavily influenced by the phenomenon that is Disney's Frozen when I decided to make snowball cake pops and snowflake sugar cookies.  I promise, no two are alike ;)

No shock, I overcommitted myself again this year, and wound up with less than 2 weeks to bake like a maniac.  My freezer was packed to the gills in no time, and it took me an entire morning to divide and bag up all those cookies!   

In the end I made up a total of 18 boxes with 8 varieties each, with some to spare for company and ourselves.  It wasn't until the end that I realized I made somewhere close to 40 dozen cookies in under 2 weeks.  No wonder I felt like I was losing my mind sometimes, like when I printed out labels and completely forgot to include the sugar cookies I spent hours decorating.  In my mind I had made 7 different cookies, but in reality it was eight.  Oops!

Brent's office sent me a lovely thank you card, and I was honestly taken aback by how excited our friends and family were to receive their own boxes this year.  I guess they really like cookies!  

Speaking of cookies, would you believe that baking got in the way of my holiday baking?  For the past 2 years I have chaired the annual PTA raffle at Joseph's school.  We wound up going to NYC the weekend of the winter festival and raffle drawing this year, so I couldn't be there for the actual event. To help with last minute ticket sales, I made these cookies to get people's attention.  

I've decided to pass the baton next year and have someone else chair the event so I have less on my plate during an otherwise hectic time of year.  I'm glad to be going out with a bang, breaking all records by raising almost $15,500!!!  With less on my plate, they'll be more cookies on everyone else's plates!

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