Thursday, November 6, 2014

Random #2

October is always crazy busy!  There are so many important people with birthdays to celebrate throughout the entire month.  With juggling birthday parties, playdates, sleepovers, Halloween prep and all the other activities of life and work,  I managed to forget to bring my camera with me many times, and never had a chance to blog about so much!

Even though he was born like 5 minutes ago, my godson Will managed to turn 5, and I was entrusted with the role of Jedi Master at his Star Wars themed birthday party.  Despite my lack of study time for the script, Jedi Training Academy was a huge success, and I love the photos Missy sent.

Jedi training the day after a sleepover is difficult for even the finest Padawan.  But teach him to sleep in, this will not.

Ethan went and turned 8 when we blinked, and included us all in his birthday dinner at Benihana.  Super fun!

Benjamin is now 6, but delayed his birthday party for the opening weekend of Big Hero 6, coming up in just a few days.  His little sister, my sweet Chloe-bear, is all of 3 now!  Joseph may or may not have trampled all of the other toddlers in attendance to secure his loot from the piñata.  Oh, dear.

Lastly, Joseph and his friends at school have become obsessed with the game Risk.  They have no idea how to play it correctly, but they are all on a quest for world domination when we pick them up from aftercare.  Joseph begged us to get him the game for home.  It's really just a miniature version of  him playing with all his army guys.  No instruction booklet necessary.

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

these are sooo great Carl! the one with jojo sleeping in the back seat is terrific!