Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

When it comes to Halloween, not much aside from Joseph's costume matters to me, but there are the rest of the festivities to review.  I was fortunate enough to have to the day off from work so I could lead the class party.  As per usual, I gave no thought to my own costume, and wound up recycling the SpongeBob I had made to wear at work many years ago, pre-kid. It would have been awesome to do a family themed costume and had me and B go as Hobbits or Elves.  There's always next year.....

Really, Joseph did look completely awesome marching around in the school parade.

I loved this treat idea I used last year, and ran with it again for this year's party.  Mandarin orange cups + Sharpie = Jack O' Lanterns.  About a zillion people asked me if I bought them that way.  Note to the marketing department at fruit cup makers around the world?  Plus, Joseph shamed me into making cake pops as well.  "You know you haven't made them in a REALLY long time, Daddy." He was right; it might have even been last New Year's Eve.

I also brought a craft for the party - spider webs made out of craft sticks, yarn, and spider shaped buttons.  Crazy simple, cheap, and the kids though they were pretty cool.

I'm not normally a fan of goody bags filled with tons of plastic junk at every party, but I managed to hit the craft store when they were having a blow out pre-Halloween sale, and got all these glow in the dark vampire fangs and witch fingers, along with straws and toppers, for under $4 total.  Sold!

At night we hung with our usual posse, our fabulous neighbors, including Ethan and Benjamin in the back row, and Abby, Sam, and Chloe in the front.  I was surprised how many people knew that Joseph's costume was Gandalf.

Even though we didn't bother to stay at home and pass out candy at our our house this year, I still carved some pumpkins.  Joseph picked out the designs.  We both loved the skull made up out of words.

It was a good haul this year for the grey wizard!

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Rgutro said...

Wow. You guys really know how to do Halloween. Amazing costumes and the treats are fantastic. You guys are the best dads, ever!