Monday, October 13, 2014

Pirates on the Potomac

We thought we were done with pirates, but then they went and started a Pirate Ship cruise on the Georgetown waterfront similar to the one we did in Baltimore a few years ago.  Benjamin's family had never been on one, and Joseph really wanted us to join in with them.

The scenery in Georgetown is worlds better than in Baltimore.  We headed out onto the high seas of the Potomac River toward the Kennedy Center and all the monuments.

They entertain the kids with learning pirate talk, face painting, tattoos, and dancing, but they're always at the ready with the water cannons when they sound the alarm. Someone stole the treasure  and we have to get it back!

Of course, they were successful and got to share the booty!

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

Zara took her brit cousins on this, we all loved it even gramma.. hahaha and your right, scnerey is way better in dc than Bmore!!