Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fletcher's Cove

Brent and I are now officially cyclists!  Or, maybe not. At least Brent and I are now officially bicycle owners!

We've wanted to buy bikes for years, but it just kept not happening.  Now that Joseph can actually ride on his own, we thought it was the perfect time to finally get our own bikes so we could go on rides as a family.  I hit an awesome Labor Day sale at REI and got a Tachyon, and Brent got a Trek (like Joseph's) from Griffin Cycles a few weeks later.  We went for hybrids since we'll mostly been on paved trails.

I run a lot on the Capital Crescent Trail, but I can only go so far before having to turn back around.  I've never reached either end!  I've really wanted to be able to go on a long ride and see what's out there past where I can run.  It was the 1st thing B and I did when we had a rare day off together and Joseph was in school.

Shockingly, in all my years in DC, this is the first time I've ever been to Fletcher's Cove.  And it's so much easier to get to without a car!

Now of course, the big joke is that Joseph doesn't want to ride his bike much and would rather stick with a scooter.  I think he's still a little leery since he crashed a while ago. So for now we just need to enjoy the scenery alone!

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Anonymous said...

Scenery in D.C. is beautiful...can't wait to ride...i'm sure I'll be riding JoeJoe's bike...Have fun..luv MIMI